Cooked and uncooked sausages

Sausages are charcuterie products whose casings are stuffed with minced meat, and are salted and seasoned differently according to recipe and region. These include:

Raw sausages to grill, pan fry or fry (for instance, the chipolata or the merguez), perfect for summertime barbecues.
Sausages for spreading, comprised of meat (for instance, the Mettwurst) or liver (the Lewerwurscht).
Raw sausages that are steamed, smoked or not, and can be eaten poached as part of a cooked dish such as a hotpot or an Alsatian sauerkraut (Morteau and Montbéliard sausages), especially once winter comes around.

The most well known of the completely cooked sausages is the Knack, but you can also enjoy the cervelas, the cooked garlic sausage as well as cocktail wieners.

A few renowned cooked and raw sausages:

Morteau sausage or Haut-Doubs sausage PGI
Montbéliard sausage PGI
Toulouse sausage
Strasbourg or Knack sausage


Generally, cooked sausages are eaten as hors d’oeuvres. They are also featured in brioches, pastries, and can garnish salads and hot meals. They can also be enjoyed pan-seared,poached or roasted,depending on the variety.

Knack sausage & Beer

A classic that’s especially celebrated by Alsatians. The bitterness of the beer quenches one’s thirst in between each salty bite of the sausage, thus requiring a second gulp. Even better than the chips and beer combo.

Boudin Blanc (White Pudding) & Champagne or sparkling wine

Delicate harmonies define this union. An absolutely magical pairing for which the sparkling wine’s silky texture and brioche aromas blend beautifully with the boudin blanc’s creamy texture and the subtlety of its flavours.

Which wines to enjoy with cooked and raw sausages?

Because the harmonious pairing of wines with charcuteries ranks among the french culture’s defining culinary unions, we couldn’t resist making a few unexpected recommendations of our own on the topic of charcuteries and red or white wine couplings.

In fact, these suggestions will allow you to combine the celebrated charcuteries of our heritage with wines of character, and thus to be bold with unprecedented pairings!

Red wines

Montbéliard sausage PGI:
Lirac appellation, Rhône Valley, France
Traditional boudin noir with onions:
Lirac appellation, Rhône Valley, France

White wines

Knack sausage:
Blaye Côtes de Bordeaux appellation, Bordeaux, France

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