Cooked ham

Cooked ham (also called “white ham”) is prepared using meat from the pig’s hind legs. It is salted then steamed, braised, au torchon, with or without bone, or stewed. France is Europe’s leading producer of cooked ham, accounting for 28% of all European production.


Superior cooked ham
Braised ham
Cooked Torchon ham


Traditionally, ham is savoured in slices. But you can also try more novel approaches to cooking it. For instance,finely diced on skewers as aperitif snacks, or shredded into very thin slices and resting a top toasted bread with a touch of lightly salted butter, and embellished with a few pickles.

Cooked ham & Gin on the rocks

A surprising but remarkably invigorating pairing! When served on the rocks and/or with tonic, the gin and its juniper aromas blend perfectly with the ham’s salty taste, offering a burst of freshness on the palate. Add a slice of cucumber to your drink and you’ll have springtime on your taste buds.