Dry-cured sausages

Saucissons secs are dry-cured sausages made from a mixture of meats (¾ lean meat and ¼ fat) chopped more or less finely, salted, seasoned and encased. The white powder that coats the sausage is called the flora. It can occur naturally or be the result of sprayed-on microorganisms, whose development during the curing process adds to the final taste and presentation.

Here are the different types of saucissons, from the roughly minced to the chopped:

Mountain sausage, pure pork, exclusively encased in natural casings.
Dry sausage (small diameter).
Saucisson de ménage, the most common type of sausage.
The Rosette, also called fuseau, is the largest of all sausages. It weighs anywhere from 300 g to over 1 kg and is made throughout all of France.
The Jésus sec (“dry Jesus”), with a very large diameter (10 cm).


Ardèche dry sausage PGI
Sausages and dry sausages of Auvergne PGI
Sausages and dry sausages of Lacaune PGI


Also an emblem of cocktail hour and included on the classic charcuterie platter, the saucisson sec is served in very thin slices at room temperature. Cut into thicker slices of 1 to 2 mm, it’s always a hit with an aperitif or as an hors d’oeuvre. Diced, cut into julienne strips or sticks, it can also feature in the making of a savoury cake, a mixed salad or as part of a cheese platter.

Dry Sausage & Viognier

Full-bodied, smooth and generous on the palate, the Viognier offers up strong notes of stone fruits, which support the dry sausage’s (saucisson) pronounced taste. The latter’s salty nature makes for an interesting contrast to the Viognier’s apricot aromas.

Which wines to enjoy with dry-cured sausages?

Because the harmonious pairing of wines with charcuteries ranks among the french culture’s defining culinary unions, we couldn’t resist making a few unexpected recommendations of our own on the topic of charcuteries and red or white wine couplings.

In fact, these suggestions will allow you to combine the celebrated charcuteries of our heritage with wines of character, and thus to be bold with unprecedented pairings!

Red wines

Lacaune dry sausage PGI
Anjou appellation, Loire, France
Jésus de Lyon sausage PGI
Anjou appellation, Loire, France

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